Swachh Samudai

With urban expansion and on‐site sanitation facilities, FSM is getting more and more recognition. It is now being incorporated in city‐wide planning in India where there is an incredible opportunity for scaling‐up any successful interventions.

This agenda is supported by the National Sanitation Urban Policy (NSUP) and the recently launched Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM – cf. Clean Cities Mission) which aim to trigger the scaling‐up of city approaches to FSM all over India but which recognises there is a gap in providers and knowledge in the sector.

Ruchika Social Service Organization (RSSO), Odisha started its program in April 1985 for children in and around the railway station with a station platform education centre and gradually moved on to cover related facets like nutrition, medical and maternal care, hygiene, personal cleanliness, sponsorship of girls to the school, Vocational training to the unemployed disadvantaged slum youths, awareness of HIV/AIDS among the slum/street adolescents, providing 24 hrs telephonic outreach for children in distress and crisis, shelter for the homeless/orphan children, water and sanitation program for slum community etc. The ideology and overwhelming credo is “if the child cannot come to the school then the school
must go to the child”

RSSO has signed MoU with Practical Action to implement the Swachh Samudai Project in Choudwar Municipality of Odisha State. The project intends to prepare urban area geodatabase which are comprehensive and having integrated data sets through GIS application to develop city sanitation strategy/plan (CSP) and DPR for Choudwar Municipality so as to facilitate implementation of Swachh Samudai.

This Project envisages demonstration of sustainable sanitation service delivery for small towns leading to increased coverage of households through enabling institutional and financial arrangements and increased private sector participation.

The project will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Demonstrated State Government and Urban Local Body (ULB) commitment towards sanitation and water service delivery in small cities;
  • Long‐term sustained capacity development of states and cities for effective sanitation service delivery;
  • Increased number of people in pilot cities has access to better sanitation and water services
  • Improve city‐wide planning approaches for water and sanitation
  • Demonstrate FSM models for next phase of SBM(U) Choudwar

It is in this backdrop that Ruchika Social Service Organization, Bhubaneswar intends to develop GIS base maps for Municipalities and hence has planned to hire a consultant.
Consultants wishing to apply may click on the links below to view/download the required documentation: