Executive Committee

An Executive Committee has been constituted  by resolution in the Annual General Body meeting of Ruchika Social Service Organization dated 14.04.2020 in order to execute the policies formulated by the Managing Committee and to look after the day to day functioning of the organization. Following members of the organization constitute the Executive Committee.

Dr. Benudhar Senapati
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

30 Years of Experience of managing in Child Protection, Education and Skill Development programs in the Organization.Responsible for overall Execution of programs, Liaison with Donor Agencies, Coordination in the organization

Mr. Rameswari Prasad Dwivedy

Director – Quality Control & program35 Years of experience managing in different programsLooks after Quality of services of the organization, Managing some programs independently

Mr. Hemanta Kumar Sahu
Director – Finance and HR

35 Years of experience in managing accounts of the organizationLooks after Finances and Human Resource Development in the organization