Inclusive Education Programs

RSSO started the “Inclusive Education Program (IEP)” with the support of the Belgian nonprofit organization VZW Ruchika-Thomas Voor India in April 2004.

Due to lack of awareness, knowledge, educational access to technology disable children were initially treated as unwanted and set aside from other children. Their education was carried out in special schools.

But due to our interventions in slums, continuous awareness, home visits, parental counseling, health workers in-house assistance in physiotherapy and trainings there has been positive changes in the mindset towards having children with disabilities.

Now the differently able children are attending the same schools where normal children are studying.

This year 227 children from 19 slums were provided with different services, 40 children were mainstreamed in formal schools, 35 got education scholarship, 70 children received physiotherapy sessions, 10 children included in govt. sponsored Madhu Babu Pension Scheme. Supplementary nutrition is given to all.