Street plays are an effective medium of spreading message in the public.

It is a powerful and entertaining form of communication used to propagate social messages to create awareness among the public. These plays break the formal barriers and approach the people directly, because the audience identify themselves with the characters.
Ruchika Social Service Organisation organized street plays in different slums and auto stands form 4th to 6th April 2013. A total of 13 plays were performed by Vande Mataram group across 10 slums and 3 auto stands in and around Bhubaneswar.

The objective was to create mass awareness on issues related to HIV and AIDS

The use of instruments like dafali accompanied with songs built curiosity and gathered a lot of people for the street plays performed by Vande Matarm group.

In the auto stands the performers suddenly popped up in a crowded place and started performing in an entertaining way then switching into serious issues.

These plays were scripted specifically to convey all the important messages related to:

  •   Modes of transmission & prevention of HIV/AIDS
  •  Service availability at ICTC centers
  •  Institutional delivery
  •  ART
  •  Opportunistic Infection
  •  Service Provisions of Govt.
  •  Stigma and Discrimination
  •  Myth and Misconception

More than anything, the artists maintained a great level of energy to keep the crowd entertained as well as be informed about the messages that they were imparting about HIV/AIDS.
The street plays were performed in the following slums and auto stands:
1. Khandual Sahi
2. Punamagate
3. Kargil
4. Ganganagar
5. Kalpana
6. Venus Inn
7. Malisahi
8. Nayapalli
9. Baramunda Bhoi Sahi
10. Mahaveer Basti
11. Rajmahal Auto Stand
12. Vanivihar Auto Stand
13. Rasulgarha Auto Stand

Some more Street Play images in our photo-gallery…